Last week I spent some time putting together a cookbook for Akiban that allows the Akiban Server to be easily deployed in environments where chef is used. This cookbook is currently available on github.

This cookbook uses the awesome new tool opscode announced last week - Test Kitchen. This makes testing of our cookbook extremely easy for us. Right now, the tests for the Akiban Server cookbook are very similar to the tests developed for the MySQL cookbook. On a system with kitchen installed, the cookbook can be downloaded and tests run easily by simply running:

kitchen test

Running the above results in a virtual machine being downloaded and started using vagrant. The virtual machine is then provisioned using chef and the cookbook under test is set up. The Akiban Server cookbook installs the PostgreSQL client (since the Akiban Server speaks the PostgreSQL protocol) and the Akiban Server. The tests run to verify everything is working ok are pretty simple at the moment: some data is loaded in to a single table and a few simple queries are run to make sure the database server is functioning correctly.

One other item we implemented that was pretty neat was we use the Travis build system to make sure our cookbook adheres to best practices by running foodcritic on every new push to master.

Test Kitchen and foodcritic together help us to ensure our cookbooks are high quality. Our main goal is to make sure our customers enjoy the easiest deployment process and since we see many people using chef, we wanted to make sure we integrate well with environments where chef is in place.

I plan on doing a webinar in the near future on deploying Akiban Server with chef. In that webinar, I will be able to do some demos of deploying Akiban in EC2 with chef.

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22 August 2012