I just found out today that Drizzle was accepted as its own project for Google's Summer of Code this year. Our organization is listed here.
I'm acting as the program administrator for Drizzle this year with Eric Day and I'm real excited about it. Last year, I myself was a student in GSoC working on drizzle and I feel like I got a lot out of that program so I really wanted to see Drizzle accepted as its own project this year. Hopefully, we can get lots of students working with us this year.
As someone who participated as a student and is now acting as a mentor, I can say that it is probably the best summer job any student could get. Basically, you get paid to work on an open-source project with awesome people and work from home. It can't really get much better if you ask me.
And any students interested in working on Drizzle should check out our ideas page on the wiki.

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18 March 2010