I just finished my first week at my new position as a software engineer at Akiban Technologies in Boston.

I’m really excited about working here. Akiban is a small startup developing some really cool technology that I believe will get people talking about the relational model in a good way again. We are currently based in the South End of Boston. The building where we are located is pretty awesome and not at all what I pictured an office to be like. There is a resident artist in the building who hangs his paintings on the walls and they seem to move to different places at random times. Its a strange feeling to walk in to work in the morning and smell fresh paint as I go to my desk. Definitely not something I expected!

But besides all that, one of the best things for me about working here is that I get paid to contribute to open source. I’ve been pretty involved with Drizzle for the last year while still a student and it was always something I really enjoyed which I never thought someone would pay me to work on. The community around the project is awesome and I was just happy to be involved with it. Now that I get paid to contribute, it’s nice to know that I can still be part of that community without having to worry about how I’m going to make a living. It’s weird to be paid for something that I would still be doing anyway without the pay! I’m not complaining though, it’s a nice change!

I’ll be presenting at the MySQL conference in April, lots of awesome work is happening in the Drizzle project and Akiban will be out of stealth mode by the conference so there are some exciting times ahead!

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06 February 2010