Since we are around the half-way point in Google's Summer of Code, I thought I'd post a quick update on how things are going so far.
Right now, INFORMATION_SCHEMA is nearly a full plugin in Drizzle. The final patch which finishes the extraction of I_S into a plugin has been proposed for merging and I'm still waiting for that to get pushed to trunk. Once that happens, I will be able to get started on modifying the implementation of the various I_S tables. All in all, its going pretty well. Its extremely satisfying to have patches accepted and placed straight into the codebase of the project that you are working on. I believe this is due to the fact that I am extremely lucky to be working on a project such as Drizzle with an awesome community. Unfortunately, I know that some SoC projects never get utilized which seems to me like a bit of a waste to me.
To keep myself busy while waiting for patches to get merged, I decided to port the memcached UDF's to Drizzle. This has pretty much been completed save for a few UDF's that still need to be ported over. I added a test suite for the plugin tonight and am hoping to get it merged in the next week or two. A project that I'm just getting started with is creating a replication plugin for Drizzle that would send events to a memcached server. I'm hoping to get a simple prototype working in the next week or so and will then look for feedback from the community on it.
I've been pretty busy this summer and so have not had much time for posting. I would like to say that will improve in the future but its unlikely!

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14 July 2009