This year, I'm lucky enough to be going to the MySQL User Conference in Santa Clara. I've decided on the tutorials I'll be attending: I know a bit about Memcached (such as when it might be useful) but have never used it in practice as I've never had the opportunity so I'm looking forward to learning a bit more about Memcached. The second tutorial should also be pretty interesting and I'm looking forward to hearing some interesting scaling techniques which I might not have known about before.
As for the sessions during the remainder of the week, I know I'll be attending all the ones being put on by various Drizzle developers, such as Brian's session on Drizzle, Stewart's session on memory management in MySQL/Drizzle, Eric's session on libdrizzle, and Monty's session on SQL called 'SQL is dead' (I'm pretty interested to hear what Monty has to say for that session!). I'm also planning on attending a few Ruby/Rails related sessions; I'm very interested in a session on ActiveRecord. There are a few sessions going on at the same time that I'm in two minds about at the moment. I'm thinking that I'll just make my mind up on the day about which one I will attend.
Of all the keynote speakers, the one I most looking forward to hearing is Andy Bechtolsheim's. Also, I'll be at the Drizzle developer day on the Friday at Sun and am looking forward to meeting all of the Drizzle team.

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14 April 2009