A white paper that I was part of writing is being presented at Oracle OpenWorld this week. The paper is entitled ‘High Availability Options for the Oracle Database’. It is being presented by Dan Norris and I wrote the sections on Export/Import and data pump. The paper is available for download from the IT Convergence website here.

Dan is kinda like my mentor here at IT Convergence. He has a lot of knowledge and experience with Oracle especially with RAC and is quite well known in the Oracle community.

At the moment, I’ve been working on setting up a cheap 10g RAC environment in the office for testing and educational purposes. The RAC is up and running now. I followed this excellent article by Jeffrey Hunter on setting up a RAC environment with a budget!

OCFS2 would not play nice for me though so I decided to use RAW devices instead of OCFS like Mr. Hunter did in his article. Besides that though, I pretty much followed his article and was able to get my 10g RAC up and running (after a small bit of hassle with the Oracle firewire modules!).

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25 November 2008